Hermitage's Living Book

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Hermitage's Living Book

(This page has been sitting fornlorn here for a while, and I must let it endure lying fallow a small time longer, but behold: The Solarium)

The content and design of this website is provisional as construction and development is ongoing. Please follow me on Neocities and watch for future updates! We have big plans. Here is the "mission statement":

I, EUWARD HERMITAGE, and the ongoing project of the CONVOCATION, whose wise members consist of only the best and greatest disembodied anonymous net users, can summarize our mission thus:

    We intend:

  • To invigorate and strengthen the righteous cause of the Web Revival.
  • To edify the consciousness of the public and to work for the general good.
  • To collect, gather, and preserve the substance of knowledge during the ongoing collapse of civilization.
  • To provide genuine and sincere works of art for the benefit of posterity and future generations.
  • To condemn and destroy, mercilessly, without any remorse, the root spiritual causes of avarice, greed, and exploitation, the preponderance of which comes to threaten the harmony of the world.

If you use Discord, we currently have a server which is very active (for now; we wish to make an exodus to the free land of the real internet) that can be found here: https://disboard.org/server/1055157008828989501